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Red de Chimpansee! (Go ape foundation)

De missie van de Go Ape Foundation is om De Chimpansee en hun leefgebied te beschermen. Chimpansees zijn nauw... lees meer >

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Young Africa International

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By 2050 half of the world’s youth below 25 years will be in Africa. What a resource! But what a challenge for most of them to gain skills for adequate work and working conditions. We at Young Africa (YA) believe in the transformative power of young people and the enormous potential of Africa Young Africa has successfully been training youths for employability and entrepreneurship for more than 20 years. We have developed a proven high-impact solution, that has been recognized by UNEVOC-UNESCO as a best practice training model, which has two-thirds of our students lift t out of poverty. We train youths in the powerful combination of vocational training, life skills education, entrepreneurship plus talent development. Courses are full-time and for six to twelve months. We have trained over 50.000 Youths across 5 Southern African countries, namely Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana. We support youth with the power to succeed in life. Join for Impact. With the EUR 18.975,00 that we are raising, we can provide 100 socially and economically disadvantaged Youth with a scholarship of up to 75% of the vocational training and all additional expenses such as protective clothing and course books. You and Young Africa can partner to empower Youth and with it changes lives. No matter the amount of your contribution, we make sure that it creates a sustainable impact through youth empowerment!

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